Tranquerah 125 Residence is located in Malacca:

It is 700m away from Jonker Street, where only takes 10 minutes walking;

It is 1.1km away from Stadthuys, where only takes 15 minutes walking;

It is 1.7km away from Eye on Malaysia, where only takes 20 minutes walking;

It is 1.5km away from Porta de Santiago, where only takes 20 minutes walking;

It is 1.9km away from Sam Po Kong Temple, where only takes 25 minutes walking;

It is 86km away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where takes about 80 minutes driving;

It is 147km away from Kuala Lumpur, where takes about 2h driving.


距离鸡场街(Jonker Street)有700米, 步行10分钟;

距离荷兰红屋 (Stadthuys)有1.1公里,步行15分钟;

距离马六甲之眼 (Eye on Malaysia) 有1.7公里,步行20分钟;

距离马六甲基督教堂(Christ Church)有1.1公里,步行15分钟;

距离历史悠久的圣地亚哥城堡(Porta de Santiago)有1.5公里,步行20分钟;

距离山姆蒲岗寺(Sam Po Kong Temple)有1.9公里,走路25分钟;

距离吉隆坡国际机场(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)有86公里,乘车约1个小时20分钟;

距离吉隆坡(Kuala Lumpur)有147公里,乘车约2个小时。


How to get to the residence:

1. From Kuala Lumpur Airport:

Bus: KLIA2 Arrival Hall is at the second floor, to the left of which is a restaurant and the right a left-luggage office and the elevator to the third floor. Walk to the end, and you will see the stairs in the left leading to the first floor. There is the ticket office in the first floor, selling tickets for all buses and taxies. The staff will tell you where you can find the bus after you buy the ticket.

Transnational bus: KLIA2—Melaka Sentral: Fare: 21.90RM/person for a single trip; Distance of travel: 2 and half hours; you can take a taxi to the hotel after you reach Melaka Sentral.

Time table (11 shuttles): 00:15—02:45; 07:45—10:15; 09:15—11:45; 10:45—13:15; 11:45—14:15; 13:15—15:45; 14:15—16:45; 16:15—18:45(Medical Center); 18:15—20:45;20:15—22:45;21:15—23:45;

For more information: http://www.expressbusmalaysia.com/bus-stations/klia2-klia-bus-terminal

Chartered service:

Please make reservation with us in advance, so we can arrange a car to pick you up directly from the airport to the hotel at the specified time. It is 180RM/vehicle, which can usually accommodate 4 persons. The trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

2. From the urban area of Kuala Lumpur:

Bus: In the urban area most people will take a bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS for short). You can find KLIA Transit, Star LRT, KTM Komuter, and Monorail in TBS, which reach BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan). It is convenient to take a bus from everywhere in the urban area to this hotel. Buy a ticket to “Ticket Counter” where has KKKL and Delima buses to Melaka Sentral in Malacca.


- 从吉隆坡机场:


Transnational 巴士:KLIA2—马六甲中央巴士总站(Melaka Sentral):票价:单程21.90 RM/人;行程:2小时30分钟;到达马六甲中央巴士总站后,可乘坐的士到达民宿。

时刻表(11个班次):00:15—02:45;07:45—10:15;09:15—11:45;10:45—13:15;11:45—14:15;13:15—15:45;14:15—16:45;16:15—18:45(医疗中心Medical Center);18:15—20:45;20:15—22:45;21:15—23:45;




- 从吉隆坡市区:

巴士: 在市区大多数人选择去南湖镇车站TBS坐车(Terminal Bersepadu Selatan,简称TBS)。TBS车站有KLIA Transit、Star LRT、 KTM Komuter,Monorail在BTS(Bandar Tasik Selatan)转站,所以从市区任何一个地方到这里都很方便。买票到“Ticket Counter"买即可,这里去马六甲的有KKKL、Delima等巴士公司的巴士,都到Melaka Sentral。